Our Services

We deliver succinct, tailored insight, allowing you to

  • Stay client focused
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Plan for the next step

We can provide you with a solution that fits your needs; ranging from consultancy services for the board and senior marketing members; overflow support for busy research and marketing teams; or outsourced research functions for firms of all sizes.

Stay client focused

Client and prospect research

We deliver action-oriented company research, allowing you to keep abreast of client developments, and secure new business.

  • Company reports -preparing you for client meetings
  • Pitch due diligence - putting the prospect's interests at the heart of your pitch
  • Sales list prioritisation -channelling your sales efforts
  • News, strategy and financial updates - prompting an agile response to client needs
  • Competitor intelligence - allowing you to assess how you compare to other firms
  • Client feedback programmes- giving you actions to excel in service delivery

Plan for the next step

Business planning assistance and sector research

Our research can drive your marketing and business planning, giving your business the certainty to take steps to grow.

  • Sector and regional insight - highlighting the growth segments to focus on
  • Regular industry monitoring - alerting you to changes that your firm needs to adapt to
  • Brand perception surveys, helping you gain a true picture of your market position
  • Feasibility studies - determining the viability of new products and services

Stand out from the crowd

Our brand and communications projects include regular and bespoke intelligence, providing you with ideas for unique campaigns and marketing messaging.

Campaign idea generation

We evaluate market dynamics, regulatory changes, and your firm's strengths; giving you novel ideas for future campaigns and helping you bring these to market.

An independent view

We provide practical tips for in-house teams to improve their marketing messaging and return on investment. Assistance can range from strategy planning sessions and competitor analysis, to training and tips for you to create content that delivers results.

Thought leadership and article writing

We deliver articles and surveys on topics of most interest to your target market, allowing you to focus on other tasks in hand. Services range from polls and surveys to writing reports and launching them to maximum effect.