How to create content that hits home with your audience

Identify ‘at the coal face’ themes

Professional services firms often miss the opportunity to reflect on new trends and novel transactions that they are advising on or party to.

Commentary on emerging themes is gold dust for trade and broadsheet press and can open conversations with clients, positioning fee earners as experts in their chosen sector or specialism.

Within Marketing teams a process for capturing emerging themes can be a valuable tool to generate campaigns and content. Desk research can also establish whether these themes have been dissected by the press or competitors, and what specific opportunities are available to provide comment.

Perform the radar function

Firms and fee earners are now habitually highlighting articles that they and colleagues have written across channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, but what about highlighting pertinent developments specifically to clients? A personalised email will be opened and positions you as a consultant, horizon scanning opportunities and risks for a client.

Prevent the silo!

A firm’s sector expertise establishes credentials with your audience, though insights from other industries is also deemed as highly valuable; particularly if they focus on early adoption of a technology or address an operational challenge.

Ask yourself what insights can be highlighted from other sectors that a client or target could learn from, and whether content be tailored to them. We at Flare Insight regularly undertake analyses identifying issues that are affecting more than one sector. A campaign across multiple sectors can position you as a thought leader, increase leverage and justify expenditure.